Micah Parson's Trainer Talks Parsons' Mindset

July 27, 2023

Athlete Studio

When the Dallas Cowboys open camp in California, one thing is clear about star player Micah Parsons - he doesn't want to just be great, he wants to be the greatest. Despite his impressive first two seasons in the NFL, including 26.5 sacks and numerous accolades, Parsons isn't satisfied.

Lance Deane, known as the "guru" to Cowboys fans on social media, understands Parsons' mindset better than anyone. Deane, also the football coach at CD East High in central Pennsylvania, has been working with Parsons since his freshman year at Penn State. Parsons even labeled Deane as his guru on Twitter, and the bond between them has only grown stronger.

Parsons has been providing glimpses of his offseason preparation on his platforms, building up anticipation for the upcoming season. Each video clip showcases a bigger, stronger, and faster version of Parsons, leaving fans excited for what's to come. In one clip, he outperformed Bengals star receiver Ja'Marr Chase and Cowboys rookie running back Deuce Vaughn in a shuttle run, highlighting his superior athleticism.

Not only has Parsons focused on his physical abilities, but he has also taken a meticulous approach to his mental game. He flew in former NFL star offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth to review tendencies and improve his pass rush technique. Every detail has been carefully calculated, all with the goal of becoming the greatest.

Deane revealed that Parsons' training has always prioritized his lower body explosiveness, and the results have been evident. This offseason, they simply aimed to enhance his pass rushing skills while continuing to build on his athletic foundation. The focus remains on fluid hip movements and quick change of direction, allowing Parsons to utilize his natural abilities.

So, what can the NFL expect from Micah Parsons this season? First and foremost, he has achieved his goal of playing at around 255 pounds, a weight he has never reached before. Deane expects Parsons to be both bigger and more explosive on the field.

As the Dallas Cowboys embark on their upcoming season, Micah Parsons is driven by his desire to be the greatest. His dedication to improving both physically and mentally sets him apart. Fans and opponents alike should prepare for an exceptional season from this remarkable athlete.

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