Micah Parsons Celebrates Latest NFL Rule Change

March 27, 2024

Athlete Studio

While attention has gravitated towards newly approved rules, such as the prohibition of the contentious hip-drop tackle and the expansion of teams' challenge opportunities, another significant alteration has quietly emerged. According to insider Tom Pelissero, the replay assistant now possesses the authority to rectify specific types of incorrect calls related to intentional grounding and roughing the passer.

This development holds considerable significance for pass rushers across the league, including Parsons, who expressed jubilation on social media.

However, despite these revisions, the NFL still lacks the authority to review and overturn holding calls, a persistent frustration for Parsons throughout his burgeoning career. Last season, Parsons endured an improbable 46 quarters without incurring a holding penalty, only to encounter two in the wild card playoff loss against the Packers.

While roughing the passer penalties have plagued Parsons, he has been vocal in his opposition to such calls. In 2021, he received four roughing penalties, notably for incidental contact with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and a perceived "love-tap" on Lions starter Jared Goff. In a recent incident involving the Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa, Parsons vehemently contested a penalty for what he deemed a non-late hit.

Parsons has long advocated for the reviewability of roughing the passer penalties, a campaign that now sees validation with the recent rule change.

The balance between protecting quarterbacks and facilitating the efficacy of pass rushers remains a delicate issue. For years, the league has seemingly prioritized the former over the latter.

While the full impact of this rule change remains to be seen, it offers players like Parsons, renowned for their disruptive presence in opponents' backfields, a glimmer of hope that the NFL is evolving towards a more equitable approach.

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