Micah Parsons Critiques New York Offense

September 13, 2023

Athlete Studio

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons showcased his exceptional skills in a resounding 40-0 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday night. With three tackles, including one for a loss, and two hits on quarterback Daniel Jones, including a sack, Parsons left a lasting impact on the game.

However, amidst his stellar performance, Parsons couldn't help but feel a twinge of empathy for the Giants' struggling quarterback. Despite the Giants trailing by a significant margin and two of their offensive tackles injured, Jones continued to brave the pouring rain and take the field.

Parsons not only defended Jones' abilities as a player but also questioned the decision-making of Giants head coach Brian Daboll. In an interview on The Edge podcast, Parsons expressed his concern, stating, "It's called protecting your guy — something I thought the Giants should have done. I don't think Daniel Jones should have been in that game in the fourth quarter."

Parsons further emphasized the potential risks involved, highlighting the Bengals' cautious approach with quarterback Joe Burrow. "I thought they should have protected him and pulled him out and, barring injury, their season would be over without Daniel Jones. The Bengals did the smart decision by pulling Joe Burrow."

Expressing his confusion, Parsons speculated on the motives behind the Giants' choice to keep Jones in the game. "I just didn't understand, maybe it was a prove-it moment by the Giants, I have no idea. A learning lesson. Who knows?"

Addressing the criticism surrounding Jones' performance, Parsons swiftly dismissed the notion that Jones is a bad quarterback. He acknowledged the challenges Jones faced going up against a formidable top-3 defense and stressed the importance of allowing the young quarterback time to develop.

"Daniel Jones is not a bad quarterback," Parsons affirmed. "Some of you may think that he's a bad quarterback and why'd they sign him? You have to remember, Daniel Jones just went against a top-3 defense. They're still learning to gel together... It's only his second year with Brian Daboll. He gets grace. I think nowadays we don't give the same grace as we did with guys like Peyton Manning when they came into the league."

Parsons' comments exuded confidence in himself and the Cowboys' performance but lacked any snark or backhanded commentary. With his unwavering support for Jones and his belief in the young quarterback's potential, Parsons solidified his reputation as a respected teammate and an astute observer of the game.

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