Micah Parsons Mentoring 2nd Year Player

June 08, 2023

Athlete Studio

During the recent OTA sessions, Micah Parsons, a standout player for the Dallas Cowboys, was seen providing handwork lessons to Sam Williams, the team's defensive end. Parsons expressed his desire for Williams to make significant progress and emphasized the impact of a positive mindset in achieving your goals.

Williams made it clear to Parsons that he wants to get 10 sacks next season, an improvement from the four he racked up last season. With Parsons' remarkable rookie season, during which he achieved an impressive 13 sacks, he was well-qualified to offer advice to Williams. Parsons assured him that the only person capable of preventing his success was himself. “Then get 10 sacks. I’m not stopping you from getting 10 sacks. The only person that can is you” 

“I’m just teaching him to get in that mindset,” said Parsons.

Sam Williams had an impressive debut season with the Cowboys, despite playing a limited number of defensive snaps. He accumulated 22 tackles, 10 of which resulted in a loss of yards for the offense, along with nine quarterback hits, four sacks, a forced fumble, and three fumble recoveries.

One of the highlights of Williams' season was a memorable fumble recovery during a game against the Colts in Week 13. He fired up the crowd with an enthusiastic celebration, showcasing his impressive vertical leap by placing the ball over the goalpost crossbar.

In interviews, Williams expressed his determination to become a prominent starter for the team. He viewed each day as an opportunity to showcase his abilities, highlighting his readiness to step up if a teammate got injured. “Everyday is a new opportunity for me. Knock on wood, but if a man goes down, I’m next up. If I outplay somebody, then maybe I’m starting. Everyday is an opportunity to show that I deserve to be on the field,”

Although Williams still has room for improvement, head coach Mike McCarthy acknowledged his progress and stated that he was "definitely making that jump." McCarthy commended Williams' increasing comfort with the team's defensive schemes and his ability to adapt to various roles on the field. McCarthy expressed his positive impression of Williams' performance so far.

With Williams' determined mindset and the guidance provided by Micah Parsons, one of the league's dominant defensive stars, a promising future awaits him in the NFL.

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