Micah Parsons Explains Why Dallas Cowboys are Best Team in NFC

August 14, 2023

Athlete Studio

For as good as the Dallas Cowboys have been at times over the past few seasons, they’ve still been unable to break through to even the NFC Championship. However, considering their continuity, Micah Parsons expects that to change very soon.

Parsons explained why many should consider Dallas to be the best team in their conference on ‘The Pivot’ this week. He pointed to their experience, specifically their experience together and on the defensive side of the ball, as the main reason that you should be betting on them as the top contender in the NFC.

“People don’t understand – experience is a gift,” Parsons said. “I’ll never go against experience because experience is a gift. That’s one thing we have. This is a team that’s played together. Our defense didn’t break up, our defense is still the same defense.”

“We only got better, learned how to communicate better, learned how to play together better. We understand what we like, we’ve got people that’s interchangeable,” explained Parsons. “Everyone is learning a new role and how to fit in sync to become a better one.”

Parsons used the example of what a wide receiver has to do with a new quarterback. It takes time to build that relationship in order to produce at a high level. Dallas’ defense, though, isn’t having to do all of that as they know one another’s tendencies which, at least for him, makes it easier to do their jobs.

“It’s okay, like, you can bring guys in but guys don’t know how to work with each other all the way right now,” said Parson. “It’s like drafting a wide receiver. You’ve got to build chemistry with your quarterback. Know where you want the ball, know where the ball is being thrown.”

“It’s the same thing with rushing. Rushing is a gift, bro. Like, you don’t just hop on the field and sack the quarterback,” Parsons said. “You’ve got to learn how to rush with the team, everyone around you. It’s not a one-on-one sport.”

In Parson’s two seasons with Dallas, the team has posted a Top-10 defense in both. They finished seventh in ’21 by allowing 21.1 points per game and then jumped up to fifth in ’22 by allowing a point less with 20.1.

They’ve also posted 95 sacks, 35 more than their opponents, in the last two years with Parsons himself posting over a fourth of them on his own.

That’s the outcome of the consistency that the Cowboys have had with, for the most part, the same defensive pieces. It’ll also be, in Parson’s opinion, what pushes Dallas to a height that they notably haven’t been to as a franchise in quite some time.

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