Micah Parsons Hosts Free Camp in Harrisburg

July 12, 2023

Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons, the talented Dallas Cowboys linebacker, recently hosted a free camp and community celebration in his hometown of Harrisburg. Over 250 kids from the area had the opportunity to participate in the camp on July 10th.

Micah, known for his unique approach, has always had the best interests of his community at heart. After the camp, he expressed his joy in being able to give back and be actively involved in the lives of these young kids. The children were full of questions and energy, and Micah and Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones spent three hours running them through drills and providing valuable advice.

The camp was a dream come true for many of the kids, as they had the opportunity to interact with Micah. Harrisburg High Football Head Coach Cal Everett expressed his delight at seeing the happiness and excitement on their faces. Micah's presence and involvement in the camp left a lasting impression on the kids.

At the conclusion of the camp, Micah shared some words of wisdom on what it takes to be successful. He encouraged the young participants to focus on doing their best, regardless of who is watching. Micah emphasized that success comes from hard work and dedication.

Micah's journey from Harrisburg to becoming the 2021 Defensive Rookie of the Year showcases his determination and resilience. Growing up in Harrisburg was not easy, but Micah appreciates the simple things in life. He values caring, giving back, and being there for those in need.

While many NFL players host camps across the country during the offseason, Micah chose to host his first camp in his hometown. He recognizes the power of his influence in Harrisburg and wanted to give hope to the kids who grew up in the same system he did. Micah's mother, Sherese Parsons, mentioned that he wants to show them that they too can make it out and achieve their dreams.

Micah's focus on his roots in Harrisburg led him to insist that the camp be free for all attendees. His team understood the importance of making the event accessible to the entire community, regardless of their financial situation.

Following the football camp, the community was invited to an afternoon celebration, complete with food trucks, games, and prizes. Micah's commitment to the kids and the community was evident in his decision to provide this additional experience free of charge.

As Micah Parsons enters his third NFL season with the Dallas Cowboys, he remains dedicated to representing his hometown. Whether on the biggest or smallest stage, he carries the spirit of Harrisburg with him. Micah expressed his love and gratitude to the 717, the area code for Harrisburg, for shaping him into the person he is today.

The Dallas Cowboys will begin their training camp at the end of July, and Micah is ready to continue making his hometown proud.

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