Micah Parsons Looking to Bulk Up for 2023 Season

June 28, 2023

Athlete Studio

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons understands the toll that playing football takes on his body. In a quest to enhance his performance and extend his career, Parsons made a deliberate decision to increase his muscle mass during the offseason. However, his goal wasn't solely to become a more formidable pass rusher; it was also to fortify his body to withstand the physical demands of the game.

“It’s about stability,” Parsons emphasized at a charity event held at the Boys and Girls Club of Grand Prairie. “Strengthening joints, strengthening the knees, shoulders, so all the nagging injuries don’t come across. Especially in the groin. I’m trying to stay as healthy as possible.”

Parsons aims to bulk up to around 255 pounds by the start of the season in September. Having been listed at 245 pounds in 2022, he currently stands at 248 pounds. While a significant portion of his transformation will occur during training camp, Parsons recognizes the importance of maintaining his fitness regimen outside of team activities.

During the offseason, Parsons sought advice from fellow players across the league about how they prepare for the season. He subsequently upgraded his home gym and even added a sauna to aid in recovery. Parsons believes that these additional measures contribute to his overall improvement as a player. He acknowledges that success on the field is not solely achieved through team-related efforts, stating, "Because not everything is going to be at work, you have to do some stuff at home too."

As Parsons enters his third NFL season, he may not be the eldest member of the Dallas Cowboys' defense, but he serves as a role model for rookies. With newcomers such as defensive tackle Mazi Smith, linebacker DeMarvion Overshown, and defensive end Viliami Fehoko Jr. joining the team, Parsons understands the importance of allowing them to develop and learn at their own pace.

“You don’t want to put too much on them,” Parsons explains. “You gotta come into your own, come into your shoes and earn your star. It really just comes down to effort, tenacity, and being ferocious. You’re not going to make every play, but you can make a play by just running. That’s the key. Once you start running, the game slows down, and you start growing and learning from your mistakes.”

However, as the game of football evolves and opposing teams increasingly strategize against him, Parsons is determined not to be a player who experiences a decline after a few successful seasons. He acknowledges the need to continue learning and growing to maintain his performance at the highest level.

For Parsons, a crucial aspect of personal growth is embracing the attention and challenges posed by other teams. Drawing an analogy, he compares himself to a lion in a safari, unflinching when buses full of spectators arrive. Parsons asserts, “If you go to a safari, you see buses pull up on lions, and the lion never flinches. Why? Because they’re king. They’re not going to flinch. Please come visit, you’re more than welcome. I’m OK with feeling uncomfortable. That’s how you evolve.”

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