Micah Parsons Makes Cowboys History

November 21, 2023

Athlete Studio

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons continues to make waves in the NFL with his exceptional play. Despite failing to register a sack or a tackle in Dallas' dominant 49-17 victory over the New York Giants in Week 10, Parsons bounced back in a big way in Week 11 against the Carolina Panthers.

Parsons, known as one of the best pass-rushers in the league, entered Week 11 with an impressive 53 quarterback pressures, the second-most in the NFL. Displaying his immense talent, he made his mark on the game by recording two-and-a-half sacks. This achievement not only solidified his reputation but also etched his name in the history books.

With these two-and-a-half sacks, Parsons reached a milestone that no other player in Cowboys' history has achieved. He became the first player in team history to have double-digit sacks in each of his first three seasons. This remarkable feat places him alongside legendary figures like Reggie White and Derrick Thomas.

Parsons showcased his dominance throughout the game, making crucial plays that halted Carolina's drives. His exceptional third-down sacks ended the Panthers' first two possessions, setting the tone for the Cowboys' victory. With 12 minutes and 52 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Parsons secured a half-sack, further solidifying his impact on the game.

This performance also displayed Parsons' consistency and growth as a player. It matched his career-high of two-and-a-half sacks, achieved during his rookie season in 2021. Despite the loss that day against the Denver Broncos, it served as a testament to his potential and ability.

Parsons' accomplishments go beyond individual accolades. At just 24 years old, he has already earned Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro honors in each of his first two seasons. His impressive sack numbers, with at least 13 recorded in both seasons, further solidify his status as one of the league's premier pass-rushers.

Looking ahead, Parsons has the opportunity to make even more history. With seven games remaining in the season, he could potentially surpass the Cowboys' single-season record of 20.0 sacks. This record, currently shared by Dallas legends Harvey Martin (1977) and DeMarcus Ware (2008), is within reach for the talented linebacker.

Micah Parsons' performance in Week 11 showcased his undeniable talent and impact on the field. As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see how he continues to evolve and leave his mark on the game.

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