Micah Parsons Motivated by His Coaches

November 02, 2022

Athlete Studio

While Micah Parsons has only played 23 games for the Dallas Cowboys, he has proven that he’s certainly been worth the first-round pick the Cowboys used during the 2021 NFL Draft. Parsons has played well at both linebacker and defensive end and has become the leader of a Cowboys defense that’s one of the best in the league.

Last season, the Dallas Cowboys only had 12 sacks and 14 interceptions through seven games. This year, they’ve eclipsed that with 29 sacks and 12 interceptions. Five of those takeaways came during their latest game versus the Detroit Lions. Of the 29 total sacks, Micah Parsons personally accounts for 7 of those.

Though his talent is undeniable, Parsons credits Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as a huge reason for his success. The former Penn State standout said he gives everything he has for Quinn, who has helped him become one of the league’s best and most dynamic defensive players.

“He was talking to me about plays I can make if I just use my speed, just knowing that’s my superpower,” Parsons said. “We kind of had that father-son talk. He challenged me, and I told him, ‘If you challenge me, I’ll never let you down.’ Stuff like that, I credit to Q, because he’s a person that means a lot to me and I just hate to let him down. When I’m out there, I try to give everything I got for him.”

At 6-2, the Dallas Cowboys are in an excellent position to win the NFC East and enter the postseason for the second consecutive year. If the defense continues to dominate as it has, Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys will be a dangerous threat to any team facing them in the playoffs.

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