Micah Parsons Plays Through Pain, Shows Resilience in Win

October 14, 2022

Athlete Studio

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On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys and Micah Parsons took on the defending Superbowl Champions, the Los Angeles Rams. Parsons has been leading one of the best defenses this year, a defense that has allowed only five offensive touchdowns and the third-lowest amount of total points scored. Going into the matchup against the Rams, the Cowboys star linebacker was averaging a sack a game and had an opportunity to add to that total.    

The game started great for the Cowboys as they took a 16-10 lead going into halftime. After suffering some groin tightness early in the game, Parsons was seen limping into the locker room at the half, and it was not looking ideal for his return. At the start of the third quarter, Parsons was not on the field with the defense, but on the sideline, as he was getting tape and riding the exercise bike to loosen up. The All-Pro linebacker ultimately made his way back onto the field with the defense, and the Rams were very aware of his presence.

Parsons finished the game with two sacks, including one that caused the Rams quarterback, Matthew Stafford, to fumble the ball. The Cowboys were able to defeat the Rams 22-10. After his second-half performance against the Rams, Parsons is now tied for the league leader in sacks with 6 total. That puts him at 19 career sacks after just 21 games, the second most in that same time. Micah Parsons mentioned that when it comes to the best pass rushers in the NFL it comes down to two people: himself and Aaron Donald. After that gritty performance against the Rams, it’s not hard to see why. 

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