Micah Parsons Post Game Stats & Recaps 2023-2024

September 19, 2023

Athlete Studio

Welcome to Micah Parsons' post game stats & recaps, where we'll be following his production throughout the 2023 - 2024 season! Check back every week for updates on Micah Parsons' post game stats!

Week 2:

Statline: 4 TKLS | 4 SOLO | 2 SACK | 3 TFL | 4 QB HITS | 1 FUMB REC

Micah Parsons had an impressive performance in Week 2 as the Dallas Cowboys secured a dominant 30-10 victory over the New York Jets. The linebacker showed his defensive dominance on the field, making life extremely hard for Zach Wilson and the New York Jets offense.

Parsons recorded a total of 4 tackles and had 2 sacks, highlighting his effectiveness at getting to the quarterback.

Of his 4 tackles,  3 were tackles for loss which disrupted the Jets' offense and severely hampered their running game. He also deflected 1 pass, and his 4 quarterback hits further exemplify his impact and effectiveness in putting pressure on the opposing team.

Looking ahead to Week 3, the Dallas Cowboys will face the Arizona Cardinals. Micah Parsons and the Cowboys defense haven't allowed a team to score more than 10 points so far this season, and they'll look to continue that against the Cardinals. 

Week 1:

Statline: 3 TKLS | 2 SOLO | 1 SACK | 1 TFL | 2 QB HITS

Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys had an impressive performance in Week 1 against the New York Giants. The Cowboys dominated the game, winning with a resounding score of 40-0.

Parsons showcased his defensive prowess, recording a total of 3 tackles. Out of those, 2 were solo tackles, demonstrating his ability to make plays on his own. He also managed to sack the quarterback once, putting pressure on the Giants' offense. In addition, he had 1 tackle for loss, disrupting the opponent's running game.

Parsons also made his presence felt by delivering 2 quarterback hits. His overall performance was instrumental in the Cowboys' victory.

Looking ahead to Week 2, the Cowboys will face the New York Jets. After such a strong showing in the opening game, fans can expect Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys to continue their dominance over the city of New York in the next game.