Micah Parsons Reacts to New Coordinator Mike Zimmer

February 21, 2024

Athlete Studio

Renowned defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer recently got reintroduced to the media at The Star, Dallas Cowboys' headquarters. His humorous remark about how the DFW reporters had aged in the two decades since he last worked here certainly broke the ice.

However, the focal point isn't this media meet-up. It's an upcoming discussion with Micah Parsons, the best player under his wing. With Parsons' assistance, the team's future looks promising.

Parsons, a three-time All-Pro "Lion-backer," is all revved up about the future. Speaking to the NFL Network, he said, "Just going off of the track record and what I'm seeing, he's done really well in his career." Parsons is eager to meet Zimmer and discover what the latter has in store for his career.

Zimmer steps into the shoes of Dan Quinn, who had a close relationship with Parsons. The success of this reassociation (Zimmer worked here from 1995 to 2006) under head coach Mike McCarthy largely depends on how well Parsons and Zimmer mesh and how Parsons is used.

Zimmer is hesitant to reveal his defensive schemes just yet. He believes that the players' abilities are more important than mere ideas. However, he did hint at a continuation of Quinn's successful blueprint, saying, "We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here. They've been pretty good." With Parsons' performance being more than "good," Dallas' future seems even brighter.

"I think it takes a collective group and everyone being bought-in," said Parsons. The young 'Lion-backer' believes that everyone from top management to coaches, players, and even the practice squad needs to be on the same page. It all starts with the OTAs – how many people will come in and learn this new system?

Zimmer, known for his low tolerance for those who fail to "buy in," responded to his reputation with humor. "There is a reputation out there that I’m a jerk," he acknowledged, quickly adding that the numerous congratulatory messages from players tell a different story. "I don't think I’d hear from all of them, if I was such a jerk."

As Parsons' future unfolds under Zimmer's guidance, the Dallas Cowboys' fans eagerly await the team's evolution under its new defensive coordinator.

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