Micah Parsons Showcasing Leadership in 2nd Season

November 28, 2022

Micah Parsons

It’s evident that Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons isn’t experiencing a sophomore slump. Instead, he’s picking up where he left off from his rookie year. So far, the former Penn State standout has 12 sacks in 11 games.

But aside from being one of the team’s leaders on the field, he is also making an impact by having his voice heard. Micah Parsons’ leadership on the defensive end has helped the Cowboys lead the league in sacks and surrender the fewest points per game. Shoulder and ankle injuries may have slowed him down a bit, but he is still making his presence felt in every game.

While Parsons and the Cowboys defense has been dominant for most of the 2022 NFL season, they’ve had rare off nights like their loss to the Green Bay Packers. Still, Parsons isn’t making excuses from that defeat, especially their struggles in slowing down the run game. While his main role is to rush the opposing quarterback, he is still part of the front seven that slows down the other team’s rushing attack.

With mounting injuries at the linebacker position, the Cowboys will have to use Micah Parsons at his original position. That adjustment worked well after Dallas dominated the Minnesota Vikings in their Week 11 game on the road. Parsons’ influence certainly rubbed off on the defensive unit as the team tallied seven sacks and limited Minnesota to 183 total yards on offense.

Micah Parsons’ legacy also extends beyond the football field because he has become an indelible part of the Dallas Cowboys community. He has been generous with his time and resources since he entered the league. That trait has also inspired more Cowboys players to engage in charitable works as well. Therefore, there’s no question the NFL’s most valuable franchise got a gem in Micah Parsons.

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