Micah Parsons Silences His Haters With Huge Game

November 20, 2023

Athlete Studio

All-Pro pass-rusher Micah Parsons showcased his exceptional skills on the field, delivering a standout performance against the Panthers. Despite feeling unwell in the first quarter, Parsons managed to secure an impressive 2.5 sacks on quarterback Bryce Young.

Parsons revealed that he felt fine when he arrived at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday morning. He attributed his improved immune system to his recent consumption of lemon ginger shots throughout the week, which had positively impacted his health.

However, things took an unexpected turn before the game when Parsons joined his teammates in consuming an energy powder called C4. This pregame ritual backfired, causing Parsons to experience physical discomfort right from the start.

"Pregame, everybody was like, 'Let's take a shot of this C4' and it was something I had never done before," Parsons said. "As soon as I put it in, I was like, 'Man, this stuff is strong.'"

Parsons continued, "I got some water to help put it down. By the fifth play, it felt like my heart was about to jump out my chest. I felt like I was about to explode. Eventually, I just started throwing up. It was all coming out. I'm never doing that again. I'm sticking to my routine."

Despite the challenging circumstances, Parsons remained a force to be reckoned with on the field. His constant pressure on Young and his overall presence disrupted the Panthers' offense throughout the game.

"It just shows that they have to account for me," Parsons confidently stated. "With me moving around and doing the things that I do, it draws more attention. There were a lot more double teams, chips, and things like that. Just being impactful, that's when everyone else eats."

Parsons emphasized the importance of making a statement and igniting his team's momentum. He strategically identified his opportunities and motivated his teammates to excel alongside him.

Looking ahead to the Thanksgiving matchup against the Commanders, Parsons expressed the team's unwavering focus on a week-to-week basis. He acknowledged that as soon as they board the plane, their attention will shift entirely to the upcoming opponent. With a short week, Parsons aims to optimize his preparation and ensure his body is in peak condition for the game.

Reflecting on his pregame mishap, Parsons humorously contemplated whether he would repeat the experience for a guaranteed three-sack performance.

"I might do half a scoop," he chuckled. "I don't know if my life is worth three sacks."

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