Micah Parsons Talks Contract, Zimmer Signing

February 15, 2024

Athlete Studio

The upcoming league year, set to kick off on March 13, is a pivotal time for the Dallas Cowboys, particularly concerning the future of their three-time All-Pro linebacker, Micah Parsons. It's the first opportunity the Cowboys will have to open contract negotiations with Parsons, a former first-round pick whose fifth-year option deadline is looming on May 2.

Parsons, for his part, is content to let the Cowboys dictate the pace of the contract discussions. "I won't find anything out until March, to see if they have an interest in doing it," he recently commented to NFL Network.

However, Parsons isn't the only high-profile Cowboy up for contract talks. Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is also heading into a critical contract year in 2024. Given Lamb's high-value fifth-year option attached to a nearly $18 million cap hit, it's crucial for the Cowboys to lock down a deal with the megastar wideout as soon as possible.

Parsons shows his team-first mentality by understanding the urgency of Lamb's contract situation and is willing to wait his turn. "I do know they've got to get CeeDee Lamb done," he acknowledges, expressing his readiness to remain a Cowboy for life.

The Cowboys' defensive fate doesn't just hinge on Parsons. The arrival of Mike Zimmer, following the exit of Dan Quinn, is expected to propel Parsons and the rest of the defense to new heights. The defense, which was particularly effective at pressuring quarterbacks and forcing turnovers under Quinn, faltered during the wild card showdown against the Green Bay Packers.

Parsons expresses both sadness at Quinn's departure and excitement about the potential that Zimmer brings to the table. "Just going off of the track record and what I'm seeing, he's done really well [in his career]," said Parsons. "I'm excited to meet him and to see what he has planned for my future."

The Cowboys' revival will truly begin when all the players under Zimmer unite to adapt to a new coaching style, scheme, and heightened expectations. For Parsons, it's a collective effort that involves everyone from the top brass to the practice squad. He believes that the change needs to start as early as OTAs (Organized Team Activities), where the team can learn the new system and work on improving communication.

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