Micah Parsons Tells Commanders: "Take Care of My Guy"

February 05, 2024

Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons expressed his admiration for former Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as Quinn transitions to a head-coaching role with the Washington Commanders in 2024. Parsons, a standout pass rusher for the Cowboys, shared his thoughts on Washington's acquisition of Quinn, emphasizing Quinn's character and impact on players.

In an interview with NFL Network's Cameron Wolfe during Friday's Pro Bowl Games practice, Parsons conveyed his respect for Quinn, highlighting him as an "upstanding, outstanding guy." Parsons extended his best wishes to Commanders players, urging them to appreciate Quinn's presence, greatness, and care for the team.

Reflecting on his own success under Quinn's coaching, Parsons acknowledged the positive influence Quinn had on his career. Having thrived in Quinn's system, Parsons won Rookie of the Year honors in 2021 and evolved into a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in subsequent seasons, consistently achieving high sack numbers.

Despite Parsons' acknowledgment of Quinn's departure, the talented pass rusher humorously mentioned earlier that Quinn "might take me with him." However, Parsons recognizes the significance of Quinn's new opportunity and expressed genuine happiness for his former coach. Parsons emphasized the admiration he holds for Quinn, referring to him as a "big uncle" and acknowledging the positive impact Quinn had on his development as a player.

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