Micah Parsons Weighs in on College Football Controversy

December 04, 2023

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Micah Parsons, the talented Dallas Cowboys superstar, found himself with some free time on a Sunday. The Cowboys had played on Thursday Night Football, granting the team a rare afternoon off to indulge in the excitement of other games and enjoy the rest of the Sunday.

However, December 3 marked a significant moment for football fans nationwide. The College Football Playoff was announced, and the committee's decisions sparked controversy by excluding Florida State and Georgia from the top four spots. In their place, Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama secured the coveted positions.

Micah Parsons was notably displeased with the committee's choice to leave out Georgia. He argued that it was unjust to dismiss the two-time defending champions, who had remained undefeated until the conference championship games and narrowly lost to Alabama by a mere three points:

"You don’t take out the two time defending champs!! That’s terrible !! College football getting worst and worst!!" Parsons insisted.

Before his career in the NFL, Micah Parsons displayed his exceptional skills as a linebacker during his three-year stint at Penn State University. Transitioning to a full-time role at EDGE before the 2023 season, he became a consensus All-American in 2019 and established himself as a top draft prospect from the early stages of his NCAA career.

The committee's choice of Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama as the four deciding teams sparked immense controversy, especially in the final year of the four-team Playoff format. The exclusion of Florida State, who had completed a flawless 13-0 season by clinching the ACC title in a Power Five conference, left many bewildered. The committee ranked Florida State as #5.

Both Texas and Alabama emerged victorious in their respective conferences. However, Texas suffered a defeat against Oklahoma in October, while Alabama's loss to Texas occurred a fortnight earlier.

The committee justified Florida State's exclusion by arguing that the team lacked strength after quarterback Jordan Travis sustained a leg injury towards the end of the season. This reasoning ignited controversy, as it contradicted the essence of selecting the four best teams in college football. Many argued that Georgia, with its impressive record, should have secured a spot on the list. Yet, the criteria seemed to differ somehow.

In a significant development, the College Football Playoff will expand to 12 teams starting next season, undoubtedly intensifying the competition and providing more opportunities for deserving teams to showcase their skills.

Indeed, Micah Parsons' disappointment with the committee's decision resonated with many football enthusiasts. As the talented linebacker turned NFL superstar, Parsons understands the game's intricacies and the importance of recognizing true talent and achievements. The controversial College Football Playoff decision will undoubtedly fuel conversations and debates, leaving fans eagerly anticipating next season's expanded playoff format.

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