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Pro Bowl Lineman Says Micah Parsons is a "No. 1 Problem"

July 18, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons dream of becoming the best defender in the league is quickly becoming a reality as he receives big time recognition from some ...

Micah Parsons Heavily Favored for Defensive Player of the Year

July 06, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons has been favored to win the Defensive Player of the Year, right behind a few other big names who he has come to quickly surpas...

Micah Parsons Details Favorite Pass Rush Move

June 22, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons has quickly become one of the biggest threats defensively, in part due to his incredible pass rush moves

Micah Parsons Looking to Have "Year to Remember"

June 14, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Despite Parsons incredible numbers and record breaking sacks, he appears to be gearing up this season to make an even greater impact.

Micah Parsons Top Disruptor in the League

June 12, 2023 by Athlete Studio

According to Next Gen Stats, Micah Parsons is the league's most dominant disruptor, consistently showcasing his impact on the field. Further...

Micah Parsons Showcasing Leadership in 2nd Season

November 28, 2022 by Micah Parsons

It’s evident that Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons isn’t experiencing a sophomore slump. Instead, he’s picking up where he left off f...

Micah Parsons Growing From Every Opportunity

December 01, 2022 by Athlete Studio

Aside from his superb talent on defense and being arguably the best linebacker in the NFL, Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons is trying to prove ...

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