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What Sets Micah Parsons Apart

November 03, 2023 by Athlete Studio

With an impressive 47 pressures this season, Micah Parsons stands far ahead of his teammates.

Micah Parsons Embraces Halloween Spirit in Big Win

October 31, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons, the Dallas Cowboys' standout edge rusher, made a roaring entrance at AT&T Stadium for the Week 8 game against the Rams.

Micah Parsons Gives Midseason Breakdown

October 25, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Pass rusher Micah Parsons, known for his weekly Bleacher Report show, "The Edge with Micah Parsons," recently shared his thoughts on Philade...

Micah Parsons: "Keep the Same Energy"

October 20, 2023 by Athlete Studio

In a recent episode of his podcast, "The Edge with Micah Parsons," the star defender for the Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons, expressed his fr...

Micah Parsons: The Embodiment of the Lion

October 17, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons, who has already showcased his immense talent with 26.5 sacks, 33 tackles for loss, and 56 quarterback hits in his first two s...

Micah Parsons Speaks Out on Social Media

October 06, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons, known for his outspoken nature, criticized the media's tendency to focus on the negative aspects of players' performances. He...

Micah Parsons Impressive Offensive History

October 04, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Before Micah Parsons became one of the NFL’s best players, he terrorized central Pennsylvania high school coaches with his unmatched skills ...

Micah Parsons Proud of His Team's Defense

October 03, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons embraces adversity amongst his team's defense, and bounces back in Week 4 against New England for a big win.

Micah Parsons Secures Defensive Player of the Month Award

September 29, 2023 by Athlete Studio

With four sacks and 15 quarterback pressures in just the first few games of the year, Parsons has left fans and critics in awe and secured h...

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