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Micah Parsons Links Up With Teammates in Offseason

April 08, 2024 by Athlete Studio

A former second-round selection by the Cowboys, Williams gears up for a pivotal season, collaborating with teammate and standout edge rushe...

Micah Parsons Celebrates Latest NFL Rule Change

March 27, 2024 by Athlete Studio

Parsons has long advocated for the reviewability of roughing the passer penalties, a campaign that now sees validation with the recent rule ...

Micah Parsons Reacts to Teammate's Retirement

March 21, 2024 by Athlete Studio

Dallas Cowboys standout Micah Parsons has shared his sentiments following the announcement of linebacker Leighton Vander Esch's retirement a...

Falcons Coach Credits Micah Parsons as Reasons for Second HC Job

March 07, 2024 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons is one of Dan Quinn's greatest testaments to his ability to build defensive units.

Micah Parsons Reacts to New Coordinator Mike Zimmer

February 21, 2024 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons, a three-time All-Pro "Lion-backer," is all revved up about the future with new defensive coordinator.

Micah Parsons Talks Contract, Zimmer Signing

February 15, 2024 by Athlete Studio

The Dallas Cowboys will have to open contract negotiations with Micah Parsons soon, and keeping him around is critical for the team's succes...

Micah Parsons Among Lid's 2023 Top Selling Jerseys

February 07, 2024 by Athlete Studio

Not just on the field, but off it too. In 2023, he led the NFL in a category that might surprise you: best-selling jerseys.

Micah Parsons Tells Commanders: "Take Care of My Guy"

February 05, 2024 by Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons expressed his admiration for former Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as Quinn transitions to a head-coaching role with ...

Dallas is Headed to the 2024 Playoffs

January 10, 2024 by Micah Parsons

For the third year running, the Cowboys have secured their place in the NFL postseason.

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